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Feb 2, 2013 4:30pm EST
added a forward into the book. then again from steve forbes, another good friend, was working on the european crisis at the time and was trying to make sense of certain aspects. cs -- he came out and said this is a must-read. now, my way of thinking he left out some southern european countries that might also get something out of it, but it's easy to let's see why f. why so many people need to know what bill doesn't have renewed their much to do with it in terms of doing it. now everyone knows that bill spends 53 years at. now, i have heard over 50, 55 today. so we're going to go with over 50. that is a considerable amount of time. when you think about that time frame and going back, he was a devout disciple of a late and great chairman and of citi. again, when you talk about bill and you talk about walter, you talk about icons in this field. now, every single treasury secretary would come to see walter. and there were problems in argentina. there were problems in uruguay, problems in peru, problems in brazil, problems in mexico, problems in jamaica, problems and panama, and then we
Feb 2, 2013 10:00am EST
steve bucci. steve? [applause] >> let me add my welcome to all of you. i think we're going to have a real treat this morning. as john mentioned, i'm a special forces officer by profession, and so this area is near and dear to my heart because this is kind of what we do, or did. they don't let me do it anymore. [laughter] i mentioned to max when he came in a little historical artifact in that when i was a cadet at west point, i bought a book that had just been published. it was a two-volume set. it was called war in the shadows, the guerrilla in history by robert asprague. that book from 1975 til now really has been the sort of benchmark for this kind of historical review of this subject area. that's a long time for a book to keep that sort of position. well, with apologies to mr. as sprey, i think his book is being replaced now, and max has done that with this book which is on sale outside, "invisible armies," he, i think, has set the new benchmark for this subject area. his book is very, very comprehensive, but -- and it's somewhat chronological but not entirely. and it's somewhat r
Feb 9, 2013 3:00pm EST
, everybody. welcome. i'm steve cool i'm the president of new america foundation. it's my pleasure to welcome do you to the event briefly and introduce our subject, which from our perspective involves the launch of the book that somebody will hold up for the audience. since i don't have a copy. "talibanistan." i just wanted to say a few words about where this book came from and why the subject matter. you'll hear discussed today struck us as worthy of what became really a couple of years of endeavor at new america lead by peter bergen who will be the host and moderator through most of the program today. peter and katherine who is not here with us today. coed ditted this book from the oxford university press. it's a collection of scholarly and journalistic articles about the taliban and the environment in southern afghanistan and western pakistan. , and it born as an attempt at new america by a diverse group of researchers to get at some of the diversity of the taliban itself at the time when the united states was puzzling over the rejury gent as a movement and a political force in afg
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3